We are excited to offer this special weekend retreat , hosted by Eden Alkaline Health at Garragh Mhor with facilitator Mikael Spector 

Oneness and the Glorious Body

The term Oneness implies unity, integrality or synthesis. It can have great meaning psychologically, socially, philosophically and physically. However "Oneness" is often considered a mere abstraction or a weak idea in the face of division, separation and disintegration.

The 6 main faculties of self - Spiritual - peace freedom and unity of being , Intellectual- conscious measure and speech intelligence , Psychic- Love balancing harmonizing direction Vital - will, sense , instinct and vitality, Executive - initiative and practicality, Material our physical body and world - are all one - yet in our divided awareness and energy are quite often dissociated, separated, not synchronized and not unified.

The Practice of MudrAsana

We can identify, reclaim and abide in it through a practice we call "MudrAsana". Bodily posture, position, gesture, movement, dance, music, stillness, form, force, spaciousness, fluidity, breath, attitude, intention, relation with what surrounds and with other bodies, become in MudrAsana, the very life, the chamber and shrine of wellness, health and happiness in balance and completeness.

I myself whether wide open, happy and all connected or separate in whatever distress. I am in the midst of all the six aspects of myself, Spirit, Light, Love, Power, Action, and Matter. The Merkava, chariot or vehicle of "the conscious-energy Self", is around me, near and far, extending into my body's structures substance and mass.

The activation of the Merkava - "MudrAsana", uses and integrates a wide range of methods/systems described below.

In the Integral Yoga

Understanding and experiencing Oneness within myself:mind, heart and body, in society and world, is the perspective and the method of Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga and the basis of MudrAsana. Oneness is wholly perceived from the depths of my "Psychic Being" - my manifesting soul presence, and from the wide silent concentrated expanses of "supra-mental" consciousness.

In Ayuveda 

There is awareness in the body in the three Doshas (imbalancing tendencies in nature) - 

Vatta - Distraction of mind; Pitta - Agitation of heart; Kapha - Dullness of body

The Elements

There is awareness in the body of the 5 Elements  

Space:Empty, Wide, Still; Air:Traveling, Relating; Fire:Radiant, Concentrated; 
Water:Flowing, Unifying: Earth:Solid, Settle

There is awareness in the body of the unified play of the three gunas:(the primary modes of nature) - 

Consciousness - Luminosity  -  Sattva         Above
Energy - Intensity     -          Rajas          Within and around
Substance - Density  -          Tamas         Below

We study the science and art of Receiving, Containing, and Radiating from within the cosmic expanse all around, through the individual and group aura, and into body and world.

Awareness in the body of the 7 principle levels.

Corresponding to Seven Chakras

The Kabbalah 

A core practice in the mystical tradition of the Kabbalah is breathing the spiritual unity of the Tree of Life which is Light-Love-Power-Precision, the Silent Name, lettered Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey.  By opening our awareness through the fourfold breath to the Four Worlds on the Tree of Life:Emanation, Creation, Formation, Action, a sacred truth is within our reach by which the Merkavah, or conscious-energy of the self is progressively activated:

 Material physical substance, is linked with life force, prana, and has its origin in it.
Energy or Prana, is linked with consciousness and has its origin in it.
Consciousness or awareness, is linked with being and has its origin in it.
 Being purely perceived, is invisible silent still and all-pervading

And so,
 Matter = Energy = Consciousness = Being

Mikael Spector, born in the USA, grew up between Israel and America. While on his spiritual quest, he moved to India and settled at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and in the International township of Auroville where he has been living most of his life. He has been practicing, teaching and synthesizing the core principals and techniques laid out in the Integral Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra, Kabbala, Individual Psychology, Astrology, Dance, Movement-meditation and Bodywork. He has lived and worked in other parts of the world, including a few years in the Netherlands. He shares his knowledge and offers a way in which all of these disciplines come together in theory and practice. For this purpose, he has developed a method called MudrAsana, and conducts workshops, courses and individual sessions supporting Spiritual seekers, Healers, Yoga Practitioners and Dancers in their self-empowerment and evolution


Commencing on Friday 11 October 2019 at 4pm (Check in) until 5pm on Sunday 13 October


This weekend intensive will be available in a variety of packages ranging from:
£215 Non Residential  to
£365 Full Board based on 2 sharing

Vegan food from Catchacarrot will be served throughout the weekend and included in the package prices 

Twin rooms, shared double rooms, SIngle occupancy double rooms, Dormitory rooms and even a Gypsy Caravan are available.

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