We are excited to offer this special weekend retreat , hosted by Eden Alkaline Health at Garragh Mhor, West Coast of Scoltand - Easdale 

Oneness and the Glorious Body

Appealing to those interested in or involved with Spirituality, Ayurveda, Tantra, Kabalah, Meditation, Bodywork and Dance.

An intensive weekend workshop, working singularly and within the group.

Facilitator - Mikael Spector.

"Releasing ourselves from separative mind;that which divides and splits each of us inside and as human beings from each other;from universal nature and from our timeless infinite source. This is what reclaiming oneness means.

We are a symphonic, unified, harmonic as well as discordant play of consciousness - energy - substance;self creating and self knowing.

We are the "Merkavah" or Living Chariot of Light - Love - Power - Precision.

We are the unity of space (vastness), air (freedom), fire (passion), water (fluidity), and earth (structure)".

We Are.

We are She and He. 
Becoming and Being. 
Shakti-Shiva all One. 
We Are.

Mikael Spector, born in the USA, grew up between Israel and America. While on his spiritual quest, he moved to India and settled at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and in the International township of Auroville where he has been living most of his life. He has been practicing, teaching and synthesizing the core principals and techniques laid out in the Integral Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra, Kabbala, Individual Psychology, Astrology, Dance, Movement-meditation and Bodywork. He has lived and worked in other parts of the world, including a few years in the Netherlands. He shares his knowledge and offers a way in which all of these disciplines come together in theory and practice. For this purpose, he has developed a method called MudrAsana, and conducts workshops, courses and individual sessions supporting Spiritual seekers, Healers, Yoga Practitioners and Dancers in their self-empowerment and evolution


 Friday 8, Saturday 9, SUnday 10 November 2019 
Check In at 4pm on Friday Evening
 until 5pm on Sunday Departures Monday Morning.


This weekend intensive will be available in a variety of packages ranging from:
£215 Non Residential  to
£365 Full Board based on 2 sharing

Vegan food from Catchacarrot will be served throughout the weekend and included in the package prices 

Twin rooms, shared double rooms, single occupancy double rooms, dormitory rooms and even a Gypsy Caravan are available.

FFI of programme and accomodation packages details please put "ONENESS" in the subject header - Please include your telephone number. Thank you!

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